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How Touch Up Cup Came to Be 

A few years back Carson was doing some touch-up painting with his Dad around the house. They went to open just a few gallon cans when they realized the RUST, CLUMPS, and SMELL. They quickly realized that their expensive paint had gone BAD! They looked at each other and said "There has to be a better way". That's when Carson invented the Touch Up Cup for paint! They incorporated a stainless-steel mixing ball for easy mixing - Just Shake N' Paint BABY! This ingenious invention keeps your paint fresh for over 10 years!

Beyond Touch Up Cup: Fresh-Line Keepers! 

The Fresh Line Keepers were cooked up by Carson as well. Carson and his sisters would often have friends sleep over on the weekends, and Jason would treat them to a breakfast feast with muffins, bagels, and donuts. This led to a bevvy of leftovers, which regrettably would grow stale by the next day. Determined to make their sweet treats last longer, Jason and Carson teamed up to develop special containers made just for the job. The duo’s solution is a suite of storage solutions made with a specific sweet treat in mind. Each one is airtight, leakproof, and safe in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. Whether you’re storing muffins, bagels, cupcakes, or donuts from the bakery—or whipping them up yourself—you’ll enjoy baked goods for longer than if kept in the original packaging, plus cut down on plastic bag waste, too.

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