Bagel Fresh Container - 6 Fresh Bagel Keeper & Airtight Storage

Bagel Fresh Container - 6 Fresh Bagel Keeper & Airtight Storage - DZ Innovation

Bagel Fresh Container - 6 Fresh Bagel Keeper & Airtight Storage

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  • AIRTIGHT FRESHNESS ↠ Air-tight and water-proof designed to keep bagels as fresh as the day you bought them or made them. Keep up to 6 bagels fresh and delicious for days!
  • PREVENT STALE & MOLDY BAGELS ↠ Stop throwing out your money & stale moldy bagels, and start keeping them fresh for several days. Save money & save your bagels!
  • BPA FREE QUALITY ↠ Made from BPA-Free materials that ensure containers to be safe & eco-friendly lockable storage.
  • MIRCOWAVE & DISHWASH SAFE ↠ Long lasting, durable, and strong high quality materials guarantee you to microwave, freeze, and even dish wash at your convenience.
  • REDUCE PLASTIC BAGS & REUSE ♻ Earth-friendly designed to prevent the use of hazardous plastic bags that pollute our Earth - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle at your local deli or grocery store today!


This is a great way to store your leftover paint instead of using the paint can. Which will rust and drop “junk” in your paint that you have to filter out. Keeps the small amount of paint readily available when you need it. Highly recommend.


I had about 10 barely full gallon cans in my garage and was able to consolidate the contents into the Touch Up Cups. I am saving a ton of space and all I have to do is shake the cup to mix. Cool product that saves time and space.


I have a dozen cans with paint remaining after the painting project was completed. I realized that if I only needed a touch up a smaller container would be useful. There is a spring-ball inside to stir the paint.

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